Pre-Tan Need to Know

Below is important pre-tan information for before your visit.

Pre-Spray Tan Need to Know

  • To get the maximum benefits of your airbrush tan, you will need to shower and exfoliate your skin. Avoid any scrubs that contain oil. Do not use bar soap.
  • Do not put any lotion, perfume, makeup, deodorant etc. before your airbrush session. Anything on your skin will keep your tan from absorbing evenly.
  • Be sure to wear dark, loose fitting clothing- wearing jeans, tights, or restrictive clothing can rub and possibly ruin your tan. (Solution will wash out of most fabrics, excluding silk.) Ladies, try to avoid wearing a bra if possible. The less rubbing on your tan the better it will set in and last.
  • Flip Flops recommended- Please ask about our “sticky feet”.
  • You can do the airbrush tanning session any way you feel comfortable. We only require that a bottom must be worn, whether you wear a swimsuit, bra and underwear, or just underwear. We also provide disposable bandeau and thong if desired.
  • Be advised all tans excluding our Express tan, after your airbrush tanning session you need to stay completely dry. You cannot get wet, sweat, or apply anything to your skin (this includes makeup, perfume, deodorant etc.) until you have taken a shower and have rinsed off the excess solution.
  • All waxing, facials, manicures, and pedicures must be done at least 24 hours prior to airbrush application. This is to ensure proper absorption into your skin, providing an even tan.

Still have a pre-tan question, please feel free to call us at (215) 588-8891 before coming in for your visit.